Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kenya Gichathaini - Heart Coffee & Roasting- Portland, Oregon

Preparation:   AeroPress

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:  ?
Balance: ?
Flavor:  ?
Smoothness: ?



Summary:   Oh, my GOODNESS!  How to rate this coffee???  Impossible for me at this time!  I like this coffee.  Actually, I really want to like this coffee........   It is very, very lemony!  Almost like drinking pure lemon juice.  Lots of pucker and lots of bold citrus intensity!  I know these are great coffee beans and that they have been lightly roasted with care.  But, it is just too bright, acidy, intense and overpowering for my palate. 

Overall score: TBD at a later date....... but, loved the coffee shop and my Macchiato!  Check it out!

Google Maps sent us on a wild journey!

There were twists, and wrong turns and dead ends, oh my.  Finally, the little red riding car got us to our destination where we found a great spot right out in front!


 Notice the old fashion record player and albums in the background?

We met Josh the Official Coffee Roaster
(He was really nice and friendly)

Kerri and I each ordered a different Machiatto with a big triple chocolate cookie.  Kerri's Macchiato was made with Brazil and Ethopia Kochere beans and mine was made with Guatamala Santa Clara beans.  It was HEAVEN!  They were both outstanding with different characteristics.  And, the cookie was the perfect accompaniment.  Cristina happily ordered a mug of the brewed coffee and helped us make that darn good cookie disappear in no time!  It was a great morning with best of friends.

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