Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stumptown House Blend - Ford Food + Drink - Portland, Oregon

Greetings!  A good coffee day to you all!!!  Yes, we had a good cup of coffee here at Ford Food + Drink.  Oddly, the sign above the door was missing.....?

The name was on front of the glass door, but the door was open and it was hard to see from the outside.

What was noticeable was the small Stumptown wooden plack tilted against the window and a guy with a cup of coffee.  This is what caught our eye and this is what enticed us to come on in.

My friend Kerri and I took a look around.  This wasn't a true coffee joint, although I think they were trying to be.  They have a menu with food items and behind a window there are plates of cookies and sweet stuff.  Not wanting to turn around and walk out, Kerri and I ordered two cups of Stumptown's House Blend and an oatmeal cherry cookie to share.  A large community table was open so we took a seat.   I still had the vibe that this should be a coffee shop.

The coffee was served in mugs and it was really very, very good.  Whoever did the brewing did a nice job.  Stumptown would be proud.  I am usually leery of coffee made in large quantities and put in a "push pot" but the coffee was fresh, flavorful and steamy hot.  I must say I was disappointed at first when the gal behind the counter said they only serve coffee this one way and that it was the only choice.  (note: NOT a coffee place) Our cookie was very tasty, but on the small side and overpriced! (Has the price of a barrel of oatmeal gone that far up?)  Nevertheless, we enjoyed both.

The atmosphere did not encourage us to feel like lingering so we set out to explore the building.  There was an art exhibit around the corner and a stairway that announced PICKLES downstairs.  Curious, we headed down the cavernous stairwell with anticipation to find this little pickle stand.  There were several people from New York there sampling and talking pickle talk. 

After sampling pickles and other pickled stuff,  Kerri and I each bought a jar to take home and enjoy.

Summary:  It was the unexpected and the company that made this outing fun.  I was not impressed with Ford Food + Drink.  I think that they could improve what they do by focusing more on what they want to be. (They also have a happy hour serving beer and wine)  Maybe start with a nice big sign outside welcoming in their customers......

So, the coffee was good, but I wouldn't go back just for the cup of coffee.  It just didn't all come together for me.  The building itself was cool and the pickles a unique surprise!

***The Ford Building is located at 2505 SE 11th Avenue on Division.  It opened in 1915 as an assembly plant for Ford automobiles, and the only one in Oregon. 

***MoonBrine pickles is owned by Stew Golomb.  He brews his pickles in the basement of the Ford Building and offers tasting daily M - TH from 11 - 3:30.  Be prepared.....they are great!

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