Tuesday, August 2, 2011

El Salvador Las Delicias - Water Avenue Coffee - Portland, Oregon

Preparation:  Pour Over

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:    7
Balance:    9
Flavor:   8
Smoothness:   9

Likes:  Bright
             Crisp and Clean

Dislikes:   Sour Finish 

Summary:   I first bought whole beans from Water Avenue Coffee at my local Zupans grocery store and used my Mr. Coffee to brew a few cups for some girl friends.  I explained to them that this was not going to be a Starbucks moment.  I served Water Avenue's "El Toro Espresso" and although I am not critiquing it today, it was great in my opinion.  It was a blend from all major coffee growing regions.  The description on the bag said....... dark chocolate and sweet peanut butter.  I grabbed that baby and threw it in my buggy.  Yummy!!!!

OK, on to today's event.  Water Avenue hasn't always been the coolest place to visit.  Other than OMSI and a few other places it really has been an industrial area that usually is under construction of some kind.

I was surprised at the up and coming feeling it had today.  I brought my friend Kerri with me and it was a good thing because I passed Water Avenue Coffee the first time (it is easy to miss) and she turned me around and she also spotted a parking space just a block away.  Kerri is the best!!!

Upon arrival we were greeted by a very nice young man named Billy.  I explained to him that I wanted Kerri and I to taste two different coffees.  He suggested El Salvador Las Delicias and Nicaragua Segovia 'el jefe'.  The two couldn't have been more different from each other.  I had the El Salvador and Kerri had the Nicaragua.  Although, I tasted Kerri's coffee after my own, I am only fairly critiquing the El Salvador.  I definitely liked the Nicaragua, but decided I need to focus on one coffee at a time.  It is fun to taste and compare, though!

First, I want to point out that this coffee was made using the Pour Over method.  It takes time and a little patience, but worth the few extra minutes.  It gives you a cup of coffee that is pure, clean and clear.  There is not the residue or oils that you have with a french press. 

El Salvador Las Delicias is a bright, crisp coffee that ends with a citrus tang.  On the menu description (which I read afterward) it is described as having notes of milk, chocolate and tangerine with a sparkling finish.  I didn't taste the milk and chocolate, but definitely tasted the tangerine and sparkling finish.  (this may be reason to revisit) Overall, I enjoyed the flavors of this coffee and the experience.  It was especially good with the carrot zucchini muffin that was super moist and light.  I would drink this coffee anytime, but recommend pairing it with a tasty, not too sweet bakery item.

Overall score:  8

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  1. Hello Shelly,

    I was very interested reading your perspective on this particular coffee; we just cupped it in the lab and will be posting the results on our website shortly. Keep up the explorations~

    -Jason S.