Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rue De La Course - New Orleans, Louisiana

3128 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

WHERE Y'AT! -   (The traditional New Orleanian greeting)

The Big Easy is definitely a fun place to visit!!!  Walking down Bourban Street last night was quite an eye-opening experience..... By the way, I read that natives never refer to New Orleans as The Big Easy, so if you want to blend in.......... maybe say you are in Crescent City?

Today, we (Steve, Danny and I) decided to take the St. Charles streetcar, the oldest continuously running streetcar in America, and head on over to Magazine Street and explore a different part of town called the Garden District.  It is a great street to walk down and people watch - not to mention the cool shops, bookstores and pubs.  I highly recommend it!  It didn't take long before we came upon......a coffee shop! Now, keep in mind I didn't do any research beforehand, so this was a hit or miss.


Rue De La Course

Danny was game so we went in and checked it out.  There were lots of youngish looking people inside in deep concentration with their computers sitting at tables lined up as if it were a school house.  It was oddly quiet and a bit dark considering how bright and sunny it was outside.

So, fast forward........Danny ordered an iced coffee.  Curiously, I asked the Barista what kind of beans are used for the iced coffee.  She said, "Iced Coffee Beans".  Then I asked her again, "but what kind of beans are the iced coffee beans?"  Then she said again, "Iced Coffee Beans".   Next, she pulled out the bag of beans and sure enough, they were labeled "Iced Coffee Beans".  (??????)  And that was that.

Danny and I left with our coffee and I have to say that I didn't like my brewed stuff.  It was watery.  Danny's was better, but he did put lots of cream and sugar in his.  Next time, I think I will order something else.  Those iced mochas looked interesting....

We left with coffee in hand and noticed the Bulldog Pub down the block.  It wasn't long before I exchanged my coffee for a different kind of brew.

The Bulldog Bar and Grill has more than fifty beers on tap and a hundred more in bottles.  We tried a few and loved the place.  Definitely worth going to!!!!  Great atmosphere!!!!
3236 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA

Stay tuned as I did find a great little coffee place in the French Quarter that would be very easy to miss if you didn't know what you were looking for.  The coffee was outstanding!

***Yat is a dialect of English spoken in the Greater New Orleans Area

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