Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I Found Out About Yemen Coffee

 Oh my goodness!!!  There is a lot to know about Yemen coffee!  First of all, it is important to note that Yemen is in the Arab World located on the southern edges of the Arabian Peninsula and to the immediate east of the African continent. 

Yemen coffee has been described as "wild" by some because you never know what you may get. Coffee beans in one sack may not taste the same as in another sack because small farmers in remote mountain villages can get their beans mingled with various other beans from other places when they bring them to market. This can cause many distinctive flavors to get mixed together.  Some farmers even store sacks of beans on the floor of their stone huts for long periods of time and the beans ferment.  This flavor is something that some coffee connoisseurs actually like.  It is described as a thin and tart flavor.  Wow!  That is kind of what I thought!

Another interesting fact I learned today about Yemen coffee is that the coffee grown in their mountains is called Mocha. (Many different spellings)  It was originally shipped through the port of Mocha and that is probably how it got its name.  Also, there are tones of chocolate that caused someone to attach the name to chocolate mixed with coffee.  (My favorite!)
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This coffee bean is probably one of the oldest types in the world and for some that makes it very special.

"I'll take one, extra hot, nonfat, tall mocha, with no whip, please." 


  1. I spent ages researching this topic too. I just wanted to share my results with you: Yemen Coffee: What is it, How it is Made, and Where to find it

    Have you managed to find any yemeni coffee where you are?

  2. Yes, my son brought home some Yemeni coffee from Lagare's in Portland, Oregon. (See my other Post on Yemen Coffee) My palate has become a little more sophisticated than when I taste tested the Yemen beans back in January. I will have to give it another shot. I actually remember it quite well, though.....very unusual.