Sunday, February 13, 2011

Honolulu Coffee - 100 % Kona Coffee - Nothing Less

Aloha!  Greetings from Maui!  It is a beautiful day here in Wailea.  The sun is warm and the breeze is gentle.  We are staying at a resort up on a hill overlooking the ocean.  I am sitting out on the lanai gazing at the whales breaching in the distance and just plain loving life!  And, what better time than to plan on walking over to the Honolulu Coffee Company for a cuppa 100% Kona Coffee! 

This morning at the hotel breakfast a Kona Coffee Blend was served with just 25% Kona Coffee.  It definitely had the "Kona" taste, but it was mixed with other beans from Central and South America.  It had been made earlier in the morning and was kept warm/hot in a very large coffee type container.  I thought it was a little watery and found that I liked it much better with cream and sugar.  After a little investigating I learned it was a medium body and a medium roast.  My opinion is that when coffee is made for so many people in a very large container and sits for several hours, it is going to lose some of the distinctive flavors and qualities it would otherwise possess.

I arrived at the Honolulu Coffee Company eager and ready to order the 100% real stuff.  There were actually two different beans to choose from.  One was Pure Kona Peaberry and the other was Pure Kona Extra Fancy.  After a brief chat with the guy behind the counter I decided to go with the Extra Fancy.  Now, keep in mind that Kona coffee is some of the most expensive coffee in the world.  I think that may be why we see it blended so often with other beans.  (The Peaberry coffee was selling for about $39.00 a pound and the Extra Fancy about $35.00 a pound)

My cup of Extra Fancy was made in a french press and made to perfection.  They let it sit for exactly four minutes before pushing down the press.  For $6.95 I came away with two large cups of extremely hot coffee.  It was the hottest coffee I have ever had.  It took about five minutes before I could sample it without scorching my tongue.  (I couldn't purchase just one cup, by the way.  The french press made two cups.)

The Pure Kona Extra Fancy coffee was amazing to me because it was fresh, fragrant and distinctive.  If you like Kona Coffee than this is the one for you.  It had a somewhat sweet taste but, at the same time it tasted bitter and acidy to me ..... and maybe a bit harsh.  I know it was really great coffee.  You just have to like the qualities of a Kona coffee to really appreciate the uniqueness.

Okay, mission accomplished.  I am off to the beach with a good book.


  1. This is one of my favorite coffees I travel a lot for work and every time I am in Hawaii I get a pound or two to take with me. I did have a question I have heard it both ways. If you store the coffee in the freezer does it actually stay fresh longer or is that just a myth?

  2. Hi Patrick,
    Storing coffee in the freezer is O.K. Please read my blog post on coffee storage to learn more! Thanks for your comment!