Friday, February 11, 2011

Triple Dare.....Take My Mind Coffee Thinking Challenge

Are you in a non thinking coffee mode?  Do you get up in the morning and make a pot of coffee with preground beans from the closest grocery store? Or, beans that have been in a can on a store's shelf for years?  (just kidding) That first cup of the morning do you sometimes notice it tastes better (or worse) than usual, but mostly just don't think about it?  Well, my challenge to you is to think.

Do you know that you could most likely be drinking coffee made with rancid coffee beans?  Yummy!  Not really!  And, maybe that bit of a stomach ache isn't from the caffeine or acid of the coffee.  Hmmm!!!!  I challenge you to stop and smell the coffee and then do some thinking!

1.  Try buying some fresh beans from a coffee roster and if you don't have a grinder or don't want to grind, then ask them to do it for you.

2.  Make some coffee with the beans asap with all clean equipment (whatever that may be) and sit down and put some thought into what you taste and just plain try to enjoy. 

Now, a word to the wise:

Please, if you buy the other stuff called coffee in a grocery store, check for a date!!!! Don't buy preground grocery store coffee that has not been vacuum sealed!!! And, don't use the grinder in the grocery store or supermarket!!!!  Most likely, these machines have never been cleaned and are contaminated with rancid oils that will taint your coffees beans.

There is much more to know and learn on this topic, but I want to keep it short and keep your attention.   Stay tuned!!! But, think next time you gulp, swallow or guzzle that cup of coffee in the morning or anytime and realize that appreciating quality coffee beans may just spoil your taste buds forever.  I triple dare you to slow down and challenge your taste buds to an awesome cup of fresh "Joe" and then use your mind and think about the experience. to Hawaii in search of 100% Kona Coffee.   Mahalo!

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