Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Exactly Is "Aroma"?

To me the aroma of coffee occurs at different stages of making an awesome cup of joe.  It is the smell that swirls upward when I first open a sealed bag of fresh beans. Then it is the wiff I get after I remove the top of the grinder.  Finally, it is the fragrance of hot freshly brewed coffee permeating the room as I pour myself a cup. It is one of the principal categories used by professionals to evaluate coffee.

After a little research I found that there is much more to aroma....... it is a science.  There are over 800 coffee compounds found in aroma. Over 800 coffee elements interact with the olfactory epithelium.  Okay, not going any further.  Enough!  I want to have fun with coffee as an average "JOE".  Tomorrow I will be tasting something very special.  Tune in folks.........

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