Monday, January 2, 2012

Darkness of Divinity - HAPPYROCK Coffee Roastery - Gladstone, Oregon

I See The Moon

Preparation:  Aero Press

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:    9
Balance:  9
Flavor:     9
Smoothness:  10

Likes:  Dark, Dark, Dark
            Hint of Almond
            Very Smooth
            Bit of Honey

Dislikes:  Too Mellow

Summary:  This is a very DARK roasted coffee!!!  It is mellow, smooth and easy.  I ground the beans in my Burr coffee grinder on the #2 setting and used 160* water in the Aero Press to make this unique cup of Joe.  There is not a punch of flavor at the end that you usually get with a medium or light roast, but it is still very enjoyable.  I would definitely get these beans again, although I believe my palate is changing a bit.  

Overall score:   9

*** My next trip to Oregon will include a trip to HAPPYROCK Coffee Roastery.  It sure has great reviews on Yelp.  You can check them out at :

465 Portland Ave
Gladstone, OR 97027


HAPPYROCK Sitting on a rock in AZ


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