Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sidamo - Village Coffee Roasters - Scottsdale, Arizona

Preparation:  Aero Press

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:      4
Balance:    3
Flavor:      2
Smoothness:  3


Dislikes:   Acidity
                 Cigarette flavors

Summary:  So far I have been unable to find great coffee or coffee beans in Arizona.  I will keep looking, but I am getting the feeling that this town is still mainly a Starbuck town.  To me, Starbucks doesn't count.

I did not like the Sidamo coffee roasted at the Village Coffee Roastery.  I tried it two different times on two different days and still had the same experience.  It is not clear to me if it is the actual beans that I do not care for or if it is the way they are roasted.

The cafe itself was warm and inviting and it had a pleasant buzz.  It was busy on this Sunday morning and a man was playing a guitar in the corner of the room.  I ordered a Macchiato.  It was just .....  OK.  The lady who took my order kept asking me if I was sure that is what I wanted.  She explained that  most people who come in to the Village think a Macchiato is a carmel type latte with whip cream.  I kindly let the nice lady know that I was fully aware of what a "true" Macchiato is and that would be exactly what I would like to have.

Unfortunately, it didn't taste great and it didn't have any kind of artistic design.   Instead, there was just a blob of milk foam........



 On a side note.......I ordered a blueberry muffin and it was outstanding.  It was moist and flavorful.  Definitely worth stopping by just for that.   Actually, all of their pastries looked delicious!!! 


Overall score:  3
***The best Macchiatos I have ever had are in Portland, Oregon and Toronto, Canada.
***Macchiato - an espresso shot that's been dotted with a dollop of frothed milk.
*** Ethiopia Sidamo is grown in the Kaffa region in the Sidamo province of Ethiopia, where coffee was first discovered over a thousand years ago.

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