Monday, December 26, 2011

El Chupacabra - HAPPYROCK Coffee Roastery - Gladstone, Oregon

Preparation:  Aero Press

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:   10
Balance:   10
Flavor:     10
Smoothness:  10

Likes:  Roasted Hazelnut
            Hint of Chocolate
           Very Flavorful


Summary:   It doesn't happen very often that I give a "10" rating, but today El Chupacabra easily made it to the top of my list in all categories.  With Danny's help, a new Burr coffee grinder (Thank you Branden, Kathleen, Ramona and Danny) and an infrared thermometer, Danny and I were able to taste test these beans with various degrees of grinds and temperatures. 

The cup of El Chupacabra that was made with the #1 grind (espresso fine) and a water temperature of 145* was much better tasting than the same beans with a #4 grind and water temperature of 170*.  I think that the higher hot water temperature did not allow all the flavor to be expelled fully coupled with a coarser grind.  It had a bit of a bitter taste.  The lower temperature and finer grind produced a more consistent flavor without any bitterness.  Who would have thought????

Danny putting some muscle into the Aero Press


El Chupacabra is a medium roast that is sure to ignite your taste buds.  These beans are also excellent for espresso......... if you dare!!!

Overall score:    10


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