Thursday, February 16, 2012

Early Edition - Press Coffee Roasters - Phoenix, Arizona

Preparation:  Aero Press and Cuisinart

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:    9
Balance:  8
Flavor: 7
Smoothness: 8

    Medium Roast

     Slightly bitter
     Tobacco Flavor

Summary:  A+ for the packaging!  My girlfriends went straight for this coffee because of the imaginative picture on the label.  All about marketing, except if the product is not what you like once you try it.  No amount of cute labels will bring back a customer if the product is not great.

This is a very good coffee.  The beans were fresh and the aroma inviting.  It is a medium roast with hints of tobacco.  The flavor was intense and memorable.  My friend Crisitna really did not like the flavor and could not drink it at all.  I think it was the tobacco taste that turned her off.  Actually, even though I enjoyed and appreciated this coffee, I would not buy it again because of the aftertaste.  

Kerri and I each ordered a Macchiato and not only did it taste fantastic, but it was a true work of art by Jason!  Check it out:

Jason's Artistic Talent Shines


Press Coffee Roastery has a nice modern vibe to it and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  I would definitely come back and try one of their other coffee roasts and explore the different ways they make a great cup of coffee.


Overall score:   8

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