Friday, April 6, 2012

Sumatra - Press Coffee Roasters - Phoenix, Arizona

Preparation:  Chemex

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:      9
Balance:    8
Flavor:      8
Smoothness:  8

Likes: Bold

Dislikes:   Heavy on the finish

Summary:    This is a very flavorful coffee!  I had a cup made using the Chemex method at Press Coffee in north Scottsdale and really enjoyed it.  This way of brewing creates a very clean and crisp cup of coffee.

Chemex Method

Press Coffee Roasters offer three different ways to brew a single cup of coffee.  Below is their list that is posted on the wall......

 Although, I enjoyed the coffee brewed the Chemex way, I also want to try the Clever and v60 brewing to see if there is one that I prefer.  Also, I bought the Sumatra beans to use in my Aero Press and plan to compare the two methods for flavor and richness.  Generally, I really like a coffee that has the full flavor of the beans and have found that different brewing, grinding and temperature can make a big difference in the experience of capturing the complete flavor of the final outcome......a perfect cup of Joe!

Summary:  This was my second time to Press Coffee at the Scottsdale Quarter in Arizona.  It is a welcoming and friendly place and the staff has always been friendly and very knowledgeable.  I definitely recommend you stop by and get a coffee to go or stay awhile and have fun people watching!

Overall score:  8

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  1. When i have time , i will stop by and get a coffee to go or stay awhile and have fun people watching!
    It is great, thanks for sharing