Monday, April 11, 2011

Mind The Gap - Online Coffee Orders

I am dreaming of waking up and finding myself with some fresh roasted coffee beans.  I don't mean Peet's Coffee that promises freshness guaranteed within 90 days (that will be a future post).  I  mean right out of the roaster fresh.  Bold, beautiful and fragrant whole beans.  Scrumptiously aromatic and intensely bursting with exotic flavors.  I can see them now shining in the bright morning sun.   And then the doorbell rings.  A barista appears with beans that were roasted yesterday and......

Yes, I am all out of coffee.  But, never fear, I found a website that I like a lot.  It is called GoCoffeeGo and is web based out of San Francisco.  It is an online one stop shop that features micro roasters sourced from all over the world.  They directly contract with the roasters who ship fresh roasted beans to your door.  The shipping is a little spendy, but I am intrigued and as I said before........I am all out of coffee!

So, I just placed my order and I can't wait for the beans to come knocking.  It was fun to read about the different roasters.  Let me tell you what I decided to buy.

Barefoot Coffee
Vista Hermosa - Guatemala  and Equator Alligator French

 I have not heard of either of these coffees, but that is why GoCoffeeGo is such a great site.  It helps a person like me get coffee from little known awesome roasters.  I should receive the coffee shortly as each order is roasted just for the buyer.  Yeah!  My dreams are about to come true!  STAY POSTED!  And.....don't let the bed bugs bite!

P.S. Danny and Doug, I think you should visit your mom and bring her some beans.


  1. Followed up your blogs on Coffee. Inspiring ones they were !!! In fact, your blogs have made my thirst for Coffee going up. I am an avid lover of Good Coffee. Whenever I feel tired & depressed, lethargic, moody or lazy to do anything - I go for a strong cup of Coffee.

    I also try something different. At times when I drink Coffee, I light some aromatic incense sticks; they fill up the room with divine fragrance. At this stage, a cup of coffee, the fantastic smell of roasted coffee - it is just fabulous.

    To be honest, I should say I am a Coffee Addict. Sometimes, I take upto 8 cups a day. Coffee stimulates the brain, makes one work with alertness. Coffee is also good for the heart. Medicinally also, it is good only.

    Coming to your blogs, I can smell Coffee even in your words... I admire your appreciation of Coffee. Kindly continue to enlighten people like me with your knowledge about Coffee.

    By the way, I finish this long comment. Because it is TIME for a Cup of Strong Coffee. And, I cannot allow it to get cold. So, BYE for now...

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