Friday, January 30, 2015

Stale Coffee Alert

Purchased at AJ'S Fine Food, Scottsdale, AZ ($13.99)

 In my quest to continue to sample coffee from all over the world I have also decided to post alerts for coffee that in my humble opinion is stale or "off" or less than satisfactory.  

Maybe the coffee beans on my alert are one bad batch or maybe they have been sitting on the shelf too long? I don't know.....
When I opened the package of "Mokk---a" whole bean coffee, I was surprised NOT to smell the usual fresh aroma of coffee.  I shook the package up a bit to no avail.  The smell was off.  Grinding the coffee did not make a difference either, but I did decide to continue to make a pot of coffee with these beans. 

Relegated to the garbage can.

Unfortunately, I had to throw the whole pot out.  Not even cream and sugar covered up the bad taste that actually lingered in my mouth way too long : ( 

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