Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diablo - Caffe Ladro - Bellevue, Washington

Photo courtesy of Danny Tarlow

Preparation:  French Press

Scores:  Scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being excellent

Aroma:  9
Balance:   9
Flavor:   10
Smoothness:  9

Likes:  Rich


Summary:  Danny was in Seattle for a few days and brought me back these terrific beans.  I admit I did a little research online ahead of time and thought that Caffe Ladro was the place to try.  (Great reviews)  The brown package the beans are in promises high quality freshness as it is extra thick with a valve.  When I opened the bag the heavenly fragrance pleasantly overwhelmed me.  The beans are dark and slightly shiny and are a mix of Mexican and Sumatran Gayoland roasted to a dark French Roast.  Anticipation ............

Wow!  The froth of freshness bubbled up to the top of the press and the aroma was decadent.  This is a great cup of coffee.  It is everything I love!  The dark intense chocolate flavor combined with a flavorful medium body is outstanding.  I want to say it has some nut like flavors, but after reading the description on the bag I have to say I taste Guiness beer.  What a combo!

Next, I tried a cup with cream and sugar and again was delighted.  The flavors are not lost and shine through with a totally different experience.  Dessert anyone?

Caffe Ladro is committed to Fair Trade 100% Organic Coffee.
Overall score:  9+

P.S.  I want to tell you that I first made coffee with these beans in my Mr. Coffee maker and it lacked the intensity and flavor of the French Press.  There was a striking difference.  I am not sure if it was just the preparation or if I need a new drip coffee maker.  Anyway, it really was night and day difference. 

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  1. I love Seattle! They seem to have some of the best Coffees. I would love to try this one. Perhaps I will compare the Coffee maker and French Press method to see if there is a huge difference. Thanks for sharing!